Who is Shirley McLeod?


I’m a yogi, mum, corporate career woman, speaker, blogger and wishful wellness warrior. I found yoga in 2014 initially as a way to get flexible and strong (and because I hate running and thought it was much cooler than sweating it out in a gym!). But the more I got into it, I found yoga was an awesome complement to my busy lifestyle. I work full time, and have two young children (well, three if you count the hubby too). 

Yoga helped me to de-stress, unwind, relax and basically have time to myself away from my work and family commitments. In doing so it made me better at managing those work and family commitments. I got hooked. I made a crazy comment to friends in January 2014 that I’d like to teach yoga one day.

Here I am now, 200+ hours of training later and I’m a registered yoga teacher (200 RYT)! I’ve also trained as a Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation teacher with the Gawler Institute in Australia, and undertook the Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra training.

I established Yoga With Me on 1 January 2015, initially to post about my yoga journey and to keep myself accountable in the lead up to my yoga teacher training. It has grown into a community of people who also use yoga in the same way I do, or want to incorporate yoga and wellness into their lives. I want to share my passion for yoga and mindfulness with everyday people like me.

I do yoga for me. I like the way it makes me feel (inside and out), and the way I look at myself (inside and out). Alongside that I try to make healthy life and wellness choices too. I’m not hard core. I’m not all mung beans and koombayahs. I’m not pretending to be a guru, or have all the answers. I’m just me. Im still a mum. Im still a corporate project manager. And I do yoga.

So come and Yoga With Me, and see if it helps you out too.

Shirley x