The Yoga Deck

My first pick for doing yoga at home is of course The Yoga Deck – my very own yoga resource comprising of 41 yoga pose cards and 16 sample sequences.  The Yoga Deck is compact enough you can take it in your handbag or gym bag, or leave on your bedside table.



Youtube Videos

If you want something in the technology space, the internet is full of awesome yoga videos – you can choose to do a full practice with them (ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour) or look up specific poses for tips on how to safely get in and out of them.

My favourite You Tube channels are;

Ali KamenovaBad YogiDoYogaWithMeDOYOUYOGAEkhart YogaKino YogaYoga by CandaceYoga With Adriene

I’ve ‘subscribed’ to all of these and just pick and choose through them each week. 

Most videos sequences will say whether they are beginners or advanced. Look to see how many minutes they run for to see what you’re in for once you click play!

Online Beginners Course

My favourite FREE beginners course is the Beginners Starter Yoga Kit from – it’s a full 30 days of videos to get you going.


Free Yoga With Me Resources

101 Tips for Leading a Life in Balance

With tips from a range of New Zealand and international health and wellness gurus, you’re bound to get some inspiration from this handy little compilation.

Sun Salutation Guide

This handy printout guides you through a basic sun salutation. There is a basic flow, and one that requires a little more strength in the arms and core. This is a great sequence to use every day, and can be added to with more poses. Just repeat the flow as many times as you want; 5, 10 15… Start out with just 5 minutes a day, and work your way up. After just one week you’ll start to feel the difference.

Monthly Yoga Tracker

Keep yourself accountable with this free printable yoga calendar. Tick off the days as you do your regular practice and feel the results in your body and mind as you progress through the month.